.NET Point-Of-Sale System

Retail point-of-sale system for California WIC stores
11System dashboard in a .NET and C# based custom point-of-sale system

Project Detail

This .NET point-of-sale system serves WIC stores throughout California. It allows them to control inventory, time cards, accept cash, check, credit card, and WIC vouchers. Additionally, a check scanning application was developed to assist with the collection and electronic deposit of checks and vouchers.

ClientRetailNet Systems
ScopeRetail, Point-of-Sale

.NET Point-of-sale system for retail stores throughout the state of California

This project started out as piece-meal, work-for-hire work. I was initially contracted to review and improve performance of database queries and security. Over time I took on more and more of the system development. Over the years I have built multiple stand-alone applications integrated with the main point-of-sale system including:

  • A web-based backoffice management system
  • A high-speed check and voucher scanning system
  • An electronic deposit system integrated with Wells Fargo and Bank of America
  • A data synchronization webservice to syn the on-premise databases with the cloud hosted backoffice database
  • Numerous hardware integrations to allow communication with receipt printers, barcode scanners, check scanners, and biometric devices

This system has been developed using .NET Framework, C#, SQL Server, ASP.NET